The Heart of The Art of Growing

What is the essence of the truth of growing?

Your chain sawing up fire wood from a customers tree.Suddenly you realise,how long the the tree stayed in the same place doing the same thing to get to the size it is.

You remember everything which slows us down and hence force patience, everything which set us back  into the slow true circles of nature,is a help.

True conscious Gardening can be a instrument of this.


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the oldest living thing in europe



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Hello and welcome.

Greenman Gardening

 The Hart of the art of Growing : Conscience growing.

Provides an an excellent all round ecological, organic, Bio dynamic gardening service at a affordable rate.


Please check information for some insight into my holistic gardening methodology and possibility’s seeing the enjoyment your garden can bring.Using a conscientiousness of the invisible force that create difference in plants.


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